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HARUFO History

     Our name reflects the true essence of what we are: a company that seeks to bring tradition, flavor, and happiness that only good coffee is capable of providing. The name Harufo comes from the Swahili language, one of the languages ​​of the African Union. And its meaning has a total connection with what we offer: FLAVOR!

     This name is so special for us because it also carries a historical load. The story indicates that the first uses of the coffee bean originated in Africa. Among the animals found in our city, there is a variety of birds and reptiles. And our symbol, an iguana, is one of the best-known reptiles in Palmas-TO, living in gardens and urban green areas.

     The union of the name that carries the coffee tradition with the symbol that shows our pride in belonging to such a culturally rich region, made our brand happen.

     Brazilian Coffee Harufo: It is a Company which roasts exclusively, Brazilian special coffee since 2018 in Palmas capital of the state of Tocantins, where there is also a coffee shop of its own. It has, since 2021, an office in the U.S.A. located in the city of Boca Raton It will start this year its import and export trading operations of raw and roasted coffee as well as its by-products.

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Products Harufo

All of our beans are 100% Arabica, have double the fructose with half the caffeine. We roast the Catuai Amarelo, Mundo Novo and Bourbon Amarelo varieties. All with scores above 80, where the scale goes up to 100 points.

Green coffee/farming: It has its own farming in the state of Sao Paolo and partnership with suppliers allowing the permanent offer of high quality coffee beans single origin, from the region of Alta Mogiana which allows the fruit and chocolate notes.

Some bean varieties have the Rainforest Alliance seal.


Our beans are toasted following an international quality pattern separating the coffee beans by size and specific roasts for each client or our average classic roasting.

They may be single origin or blend.

Roasted Coffee - Grain or Ground

Grain packs of 250g (8.8 oz), 500g (17.6 oz) and 1kg (35.2 oz), and ground in packs of 250g (8.8 oz) and 500g (17.6 oz).

Roasted Coffee - Grain or Ground

Bags with bigger capacity for ground coffee or beans.

In Natura Grains



Bags with bigger capacity for in natura coffe grains

Roasting of specialty coffees

Coffee Chanel

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Come visit us 

Harufo Café Factory
Quadra 404 Sul Alameda 09
Lote 2G QC 01 SL 1
Plano Diretor Sul - Palmas-TO
ZIP CODE 77021-647
Harufo Café LLC Business Office
222 Yamato RD
Suite 106-198
Boca Raton - FL
ZIP CODE 33431
United States
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